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Drone Aerial View of Downtown Chattanooga Tennessee TN and Tennessee River.jpg

Join the Movement to Make Tennessee a Brighter Beacon of Prosperity!

Thank you for taking action!

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Let us lead with grace and action so that our Children inherit a more prosperous Tennessee!

We believe that each and every one of us are called to take action in our community. Together, we can deliver on that promise! But we cannot do it alone...

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Strength through Prosperity

Standing up to the special interests in Washington DC

Preserve Our Morals

The citizens of our Great State take great pride in our communities, our churches, and our institutions. Washington and the progressive agenda threatens to encroach with their values onto our homes, our schools, and our government. We call all Tennesseeans to stand with us to uphold the principles rooted in freedom and equality.

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Our Future - Our Motivation

As the saying goes, "Provoke not your children to anger." Children are our heritage, and thus what we invest into them preserves and builds the future of Tennessee. However, pernicious ideologies are negatively affecting the minds of our youth in the form of Critical Race Theory, Common Core, and COVID-19 restrictions. It is on us to take action and stand for equality, not equity. Logical and trusted methods of instruction, not Common Core. In-person classrooms, not remote learning. It's time to get our children back on track and ready to lead and innovate.

Our Present - Plan of Action

Lively growth. Safe communities. Unwavering values.


Our Great State is thriving with our nation-leading credit rating and fiscal management. But we are not done yet - we aim to cut taxes and keep money in your pocket so that the next great entrepreneur or innovator is from right here in Tennessee.

We protect the innocent and keep our communities safe. A strong and ethical law enforcement culture serves the people.

We honor life starting from when a child is conceived through to when our Veterans need our love and support. To this, we stand proudly without compromise.

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You are the Solution!
Join us!

P.O. Box 324, Signal Mountain, TN 37377

(615) 741-2746

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